Introducing TX Academy

What is TX Academy?

TX Academy is an initiative of the Tamedia Group in Switzerland. With our experience running some of the biggest mobile and web platforms in Switzerland, such as Homegate,,, Ricardo and we built TX Academy to bring digital natives the best and most up-to-date classroom-based training that can deliver immediate benefit and improve the way we work.

How did TX Academy begin?

TX Academy began with the idea that we have many great people working at the different Tamedia companies and we can do more to share that knowledge by bringing people together.

TX Academy was launched in June 2019 at the TX Conference as a minimum viable product … we only invest in organising and running a course when enough people have shown interest in a course idea. By letting demand drive course planning, we have a higher confidence that we’re providing education on topics people really want to learn about.

In particular we focus on learning for digital specialists, such as software engineers, designers, product managers, digital marketeers, who struggle to find relevant education material in Switzerland today.

Introducing TX Academy” at TX Conf 2019
Stéphane Bisinger, software engineer at Homegate, describes Understanding Webpack

Who teaches at TX Academy?

Many TX Academy courses are taught by senior professionals like you and me, after they went through our “train the trainer” program themselves, which supports them in designing and delivering their course.

Other courses we hand-pick the best international experts, such as Phiture for the The Mobile Growth Bootcamp, where we see a gap in the knowhow available in Switzerland.

If you’re interested in teaching yourself, feel free to pitch your idea and we’ll get back to you.

How are courses selected?

As course ideas are identified, the course goes through basic stages…

  • Pitching: the course idea is published on and promoted. Potential attendees can add their name to the Waiting List, at the bottom of the course description, until we enough people interested (usually 10+).
  • Registration: once we have enough people interested, we set the date and the price for the course and activate the registration form at the bottom of the course description on the website.

Course Selection process, from pitch to “go-live”

Who can attend?

While courses are aimed, first and foremost, at staff within the Tamedia group of companies, anyone can attend. Simply complete the registration form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Pricing and Billing

Courses are priced to cover costs, rather than generate profit. Prices vary per course, depending on who’s giving the course, how long the course is and the cost of facilities to run the course (e.g. renting a coworking space).

Billing is handled automatically – just provide us with your company billing address or Tamedia internal cost code, and we’ll take care of it.