The Mobile Growth Bootcamp

The Mobile Growth Bootcamp


About this course

Are your mobile metrics flat? This course will show you how to keep growing on mobile.

Did you know you can deep link to app content, even when they don’t have your app installed?

Contextual Onboarding New Mobile Users

Users aren’t interested in your app. They want the content inside your app. Did you know it’s possible to onboard new users with deep links into content, even when they don’t yet have your app installed? If you didn’t know this, that’s just one reason why you should attend this course.


For this course we’re lucky to have Andy Carvell joining us. Andy was formerly responsible for mobile growth at Soundcloud and is well known in mobile app circles as the creator of the Mobile Growth Stack. Together with Phiture, a Berlin-based mobile growth consultancy Andy co-founded, he’s put together a special program for Tamedia and companies and will be to coming to Zürich to teach us in person.

The Mobile Growth Bootcamp will level up how your grow and manage your mobile audience. It will give you the unified perspective you need, across marketing, product and technology, to help you be successful in the medium that matters the most today.

Anyone working in marketing, product or mobile app development can benefit from this course.

The types of questions you’ll be able to answer after attending this course…

Acquistion: getting new users

  • How do you get new users in the saturated mobile app space?
  • How can your tech stack better support content and influencer Marketing?
  • What are the cutting edge in App Store Optimisation techniques?


Retention: keeping users engaged

  • How do you use push notifications and e-mail effectively?
  • How do you build a habit forming product?
  • What do you do with dormant users?


Growth: expanding your reach

  • What metrics matter and why vanity metrics like Downloads are dangerous?
  • Which growth loops to use and how to apply them?
  • How frameworks like the Mobile Growth Stack can help you stay on track?


…and much more.


Get ready for 2 intense days that will change how you see mobile forever!

Target Audience

Anyone working in product, marketing or app development will benefit.


Two days

Date of Course

New Date: Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th of February 2020


Tamedia AG, Werdstrasse 21, 8004 Zürich. Room: TBA


1000 CHF (total price for 2 days)

Note: this course is externally led, it means we need to cover all the costs. We need at least 30 people attending to run the course at this price.

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