The Hacking Lab Part I

The Hacking Lab Part I


About this course

In Tamedia websites are attacked several times a month and some very dangerous hacks have occurred in the past. The initial entry vector for hackers still are common vulnerabilities that could be easily avoided. This first course will teach you how to hack (e.g. SQL injection or XSS) and will help you to write good code that can’t be abused.


This course is an entry level course for all developers within Tamedia. Tamedia follows a User Focused Security approach as we believe that our employees are the most important element in the whole security chain. For developers this means writing good and secure code.

The Hacking Lab Part I will enable you to understand how to perform and exploit some basic attack methods (e.g. SQL Injection). With this experience you will automatically adopt your developing practices to avoid vulnerable code. You will also learn how to use a couple of tools (e.g. sqlmapper, zap, burp) to also test your code against typical hacking tools.

The training will always be on-site with limited seats (max 12 per course). Two Trainers that also work as security analysts will guide you through the 1 day exercise. The equipment will also be provided by our partner as well as a virtual hacking environment.

As an attendee you will have access to the virtual hacking environment for one additional month after the training.

What you’ll learn

  • Web Security Introduction
  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • OWASP Top 10 Deep Dive e.g. SQL Injection, XSS
  • Live Hacking Demos & Hands On


Attendees should have developing experience.

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