Sharpist: Your digital coach (English)

Sharpist: Your digital coach (English)


About this course


Growth in the company is driven by employees. And each person is on their own professional journey, with their own specific challenges, personalities and dreams.

Through Sharpist, your personal coach will act as your sparring partner, methodology expert and psychologist, helping you to gain clarity on your personal challenges and thereby generate new impulses.

We start with a kick-off webinar, where the process is explained and demonstrated by a coach and a Sharpist facilitator. Then, you will be assigned the most suitable coach from a pool of over 500 certified coaches. During the coach-matching process, special consideration is given to your function, your strengths & weaknesses, seniority level and your language. Sharpist offers 28 languages to help you get the most out of your coaching program.

Through video calls, your coach will discuss with you 1:1 about your professional challenges and goals. In addition, you will benefit from the large Sharpist media library with content from Blinkist, getAbstract, brandeins, Harvard Business Review, Business Insider and much more in between your coaching sessions for continuous learning.

Note: This offering is aimed exclusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.

See for yourself

Topics and Contents

The learning goals of the coaching sessions are determined by you. You can decide which goals you wish to address. 

Possible topics are: 

  • People Management
  • Work/life balance
  • Time/Stress Management
  • Setting priorities
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Self-reflection
  • Self-confidence
  • Own positioning/self-marketing
  • Effective communication

Target Group

Available to all employees of the TX Group.


Min. 6 months / max. of 60 minutes per month, which is freely divisible, e.g. 30-minute coaching sessions every two weeks.

It is possible to start at any time, but we will only start the coaching as soon as we have reached the contractual minimum number of participants required by Sharpist. Please register using the registration form below – and we will get in touch with you!


You will be billed via your business unit or via a cost receiver object (e.g. CC, PR or CA number) that you specify. The cost for a six-month cycle with a personal time quota of 6.25 hours per person can be requested from

Deregistration/no participation

Please note that your registration is binding. The coaching sessions must be scheduled independently by participants.

The supplier

Sharpist supports organisations with developing their employees to become the best version of themselves. The remote coaching platform enables personalised learning for everyone: from anywhere and at any time.

Further questions

If you have any questions, please contact  Fabrice Fuchs ( Are you looking for a local coach with whom you can talk in person? Then feel free to contact me as well – as TX Group’s people and organization development, we can also put you in touch with a coach in your area.

Note: This offering is aimed exclusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.