Prepare & Analyze: Strategic Thinking

Prepare & Analyze: Strategic Thinking


About this course

You want to get a fresh perspective on how to tackle strategic questions and identify solutions much faster with greater clarity? Looking for toolset, to crack a large variety of strategic challenges? Look no further!


For this course, we have been able to gain Fred Pelard as instructor. Fred has been coaching / lecturing on strategic thinking and complex problem solving to the CEOs and management teams of major corporations and consulting firms around the world for the best part of 20 years, clients include Google, Expedia, Nike and BBC (see Testimonials below). Don’t miss it!

This course will provide you with a toolset, to crack a large variety of strategic challenges and you will leave this course with a different perspective on the questions of your business. Moreover, you will be applying your newly acquired knowledge by working in small teams on concrete case examples. This intensive course will cover the following topics

What you’ll learn

The Strategic Mindset

Introduces the markedly different ways in which people approach problem solving. Builds upon the 4 Routes to Completion model to put into perspective the relative importance of data, intuition, and structure. Explains the differences between the operational, analytical, creative, and strategic approaches – and how to combine them effectively

Logic Trees & Communications Development

Shows how to provide structure in framing confusing problems, project roadblocks, etc.

3 Key Strategy Theories

Explains the theoretical premise & demonstrates the practical applications behind a selection of the most successful strategy theories of the last 10 years (Kim’s Happy Line / Blue Ocean, Ries’ Lean Startup / Agile, Zenger’s Beyond Competitive Advantage) and shares practical ways to use these very effectively on a wide range of complex problems

The Mutation Game

A light-hearted reminder that evolution starts with apparent mistakes … A great idea is just a bad idea to start with, that just can not be killed. How to have millions of ideas quickly? Play the Mutation Game!

4 Key Strategic Frameworks

Demonstrates the practical applications behind some of the most useful strategic frameworks of the last 15 years (Collins’ Good to Great, Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma, Eisenhardt’s Strategy as Simple Rules, McKinsey’s Granularity of Growth) and illustrates their usefulness in formulating a successful strategy

A Beautiful Constraint

Shows participants how to answer the age-old question of “how to do more with less”. This approach rests on an easily understood mind twist, and contains 9 practical tips to help tap into the less structured parts of one’s brain for new creative solutions.


Target Audience

Are you C-level, team lead or senior project manager frequently facing strategic challenges? We are looking forward to seeing you on the participant list!


Two days

Date of Course

This course ran on 28 & 29 October 2019. If you’d like this course run again, please add your name to the waiting list below

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