Leadership Circle (English)

Leadership Circle (English)


About this course


In the course, challenging personal leadership situations are jointly analyzed, reflected upon and solutions are developed with the help of the “peer counseling” method.

Note: This seminar is aimed exlusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.

Learning goals

The participants

  • Getting to know and applying different methods for solving own practical cases in leadership
  • Intensive discussion and concrete solution of individual cases and those of the other participants
  • Training of conversation in groups
  • Demonstrate and discuss the connection of selected theories or models with practical cases
  • Networking and exchange between participants across the TX Group

Topics and content

Leadership is a very complex task. The leader has to fulfill different roles, is faced with contradictory demands, expectations and needs and has to make decisions that are often ambivalent and therefore not easy. One of the most helpful measures to take is to exchange views and advice with other leaders. For this we offer you the Leadership Circle.

Leaders are constantly confronted with new challenges and complex questions, to which simple and generalized answers often do not lead to the desired results. Systematically illuminating the question from different perspectives and bringing in experience from various fields of practice enables creative solutions and opens up new alternatives for action. Looking at and questioning one’s own leadership behavior and its effects helps to recognize one’s own contributions to stabilizing the problem situation. By developing and implementing new behavioral variants, the effectiveness in the individual leadership situation can be noticeably increased.

In groups of about 8 people, the participants discuss their current challenging leadership situations and questions and work out solutions together. In this way, they mutually benefit from their experience and knowledge. The meetings are moderated and accompanied by a member of the POD (Personnel and Organizational Development).

In addition, theoretical models and approaches to the topic of leadership are taught in relation to practical cases.

Training methods

The focus of the approach is “peer counseling”. This method is a structured and solution-oriented approach that uses questions to illuminate various aspects of the current situation and suggests further options for action. We will use different intervision methods combined with intensive personal case work and have an intensive exchange in the group. The course focuses on the systemic and solution-oriented case work of one’s own everyday leadership and the exchange among the participants.

Target group

For all those who would like to systematically develop solutions to their own current leadership issues and challenges in a peer group.


  • Duration: 3 times 0.5 days (total 1.5), 2 times with POD accompaniment and 1 time independently
  • Number of participants: min. 6, max. 10
  • Location: TX Group in Zurich
  • Dates:
    • Session 1 in 2023
      • Waitinglist
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  • Costs for this seminar are borne by the Group.
  • Further costs (travel costs, etc.) may be charged to your account in accordance with the applicable expense regulations.

Deregistration/no participation

  • Please note that your registration is binding, even if the course is conducted virtually.
  • If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the seminar or if you do not participate for more than half a day, your cost centre will automatically be charged CHF 500 per seminar day (CHF 250 per half day) without further inquiry.
  • Due to the structure of the seminar it is important that you attend the 1st module. If this is not possible at short notice (less than 4 weeks), you will not be able to participate in the entire course and your cost centre will be charged CHF 500 if we cannot fill your place with another participant.
  • No charge will be made if a medical certificate is available. This must be sent to People and Organizational Development within 2 weeks without being asked.


TX Group People and Organizational Development: Muriel Bouakaz

Further questions

If you have any further questions, the MissionX team is happy to help: mission.x@tx.group

Note: This seminar is aimed exlusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.


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