Leadership Basics (English)

Leadership Basics (English)


About this course


Good management is an important key to the success of a company. Everyone talks about leadership – but what does it mean in terms of action? How do I lead myself and others?

Note: This seminar is aimed exlusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.

Learning goals

The participants

  • understand leadership as goal-oriented development support in an entrepreneurial context. 
  • understand leadership development as continuous work on themselves. They have dealt with themselves and their role. 
  • have received meaningful and helpful tools, models and images for their leadership work. 
  • understand fundamental aspects of change management and the decisive role that managers play in the change process.

Topics and content

Module 1 (M1) – Module 3 (M3) 

The seminar is strongly oriented towards the current questions and concerns of the participants. The following topics will certainly be addressed in the course of the modules:

  • Me and my leadership role
  • Order in the system, zones of responsibility, delegation, loyalty
  • Communication, feedback, management and employee discussions
  • Management principles TX


Topic options (choice of focus according to the needs of the participants)

  • Getting to know yourself and your own behaviour patterns better, getting to know, understand and lead others and their behaviour patterns
  • Mastering difficult situations/conflicts in leadership and team relationships
  • self-leadership, dealing with stress, work organisation
  • Leading in change
  • Leadership as an important part of health management


Change Management

  • Personal preparation for change
  • Significance and understanding of the role as change leader
  • Using the ADKAR model for individual change
  • Coaching of employees through change processes
  • Dealing with resistance



  • Introduction to a method of intervision 
  • Independent performance of an intervision without supervision by a supervisor.

Target group

Compulsory for future or new supervisors who will soon or only recently take on a management function.


  • Duration: 3 seminar modules plus 2 intervisions, total 5 days (with the trainer) plus 1 individual intervision without guidance
  • Number of participants: min. 8, max. 12 participants / intervision: Split into 2 groups
  • Location: TX Group in Zurich
  • Dates: Please register for the waiting list. As soon as we have enough registrations (min. 8), we will contact you and fix the seminar dates.
  • Other seminar languages: German (Link), French (Link)
  • A certificate of attendance will be provided for those who attend 75% or more.


  • Costs for this seminar are borne by the Group.
  • Further costs (travel costs, etc.) may be charged to your account in accordance with the applicable expense regulations.

Deregistration/no participation

  • Please note that your registration is binding, even if the course is conducted virtually.
  • If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the seminar or if you do not participate for more than half a day, your cost centre will automatically be charged CHF 500 per seminar day (CHF 250 per half day) without further inquiry.
  • Because of the structure of the seminar, it is important that you attend the first module. If this is not possible at short notice (less than 4 weeks), you will no longer be able to participate in the entire seminar and your cost center will be charged CHF 1,000 unless we can fill your place with another participant.
  • No charge will be made if a medical certificate is available. This must be sent to People and Organizational Development within 2 weeks without being asked.

Learning support

TX Group People and Organizational Development: Florian Conradi & Ulrike Krebs

Further questions

For further questions please contact Florian Conradi from People and Organizational Development, who is responsible for the seminar, or your responsible HR-contact person or send an email to: mission.x@tx.group.

Note: This seminar is aimed exlusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.