Leader as Coach (English)

Leader as Coach (English)


About this course


In this multi-part seminar, the manager will learn to recognise the possibilities and limits of coaching and learn to sensibly use coaching tools in management activities.

Note: This seminar is aimed exclusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.

Learning goals

You have a good understanding of coaching. You know the possibilities and limits of coaching from a management perspective and have practised many coaching situations of your own.

  • You understand the role requirements for the leader
  • You understand the requirements for successful coaching and know the limits of the “coaching approach” in leadership
  • You will learn how to use central coaching tools for effective appraisal interviews
  • You know concrete methods and techniques that can be applied very well when coaching from a leadership role
  • You have increased your skills for a strength-oriented development
  • You will receive answers to your own concrete questions about coaching

Through this training, your self-reflection is encouraged. You can also use the coaching tools to develop your own leadership personality.

Topics and content

When it comes to the topic of “leader as coach”, the focus is on the following questions:

  • What is coaching?
  • Is there a need for a clear change of roles between manager and coach?
  • How can I use systemic question techniques?
  • How can active listening be used as a basis for process-oriented consulting?
  • What does solution orientation mean instead of a problem view?
  • Coaching tools: What use are there for methods and techniques from the coaching and GROW model?
  • How do I increase the sustainability of commitments?
  • How can I strengthen the intrinsic motivation?

Training methods

Small group and individual work with plenary exchange, theory input, work on participants’ practical cases, feedback from trainer and group, lots of practice and training.

Target group

Managers who wish to expand and optimise their leadership behaviour by means of coaching elements.


  • Duration: 3 x 0.5 days
  • Number of participants: min. 8, max. 14
  • Location: TX Group in Zürich
  • Dates:
    • 2021 – Session 1
      • Module 1: Tuesday, 19 October 2021, (in the morning)
      • Module 2: Monday, 13 December 2021, (in the morning)
      • Module 3: Tuesday, 25 January 2022, (in the afternoon)
    • 2022 – Session 1
      • Module 1: Friday, 7 October 2022 (in the morning)
      • Module 2: Tuesday, 15 November 2022 (in the afternoon)
      • Module 3: Tuesday, 6 December 2022 (in the afternoon)
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  • Costs for this seminar are covered by contributions from the companies.
  • Further costs (travel costs, etc.) may be charged to your account in accordance with the applicable expense regulations.

Deregistration/no participation

  • Please note that your registration is binding, even if the course is conducted virtually.
  • If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the seminar or if you do not participate for more than half a day, your cost centre will automatically be charged CHF 500 per seminar day (CHF 250 per half day) without further inquiry.
  • No charge will be made if a medical certificate is available. This must be sent to People and Organizational Development within 2 weeks without being asked.


The program is moderated and accompanied by Muriel Bouakaz (People and Organizational Development TX Group).

Further questions

If you have any further questions, the MissionX team is happy to help: mission.x@tx.group

Note: This seminar is aimed exlusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.


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