Hybrid-Readiness-Teamworkshop (English)

Hybrid-Readiness-Teamworkshop (English)


About this course


Hybrid work enables:

  • More flexibility through greater independence of place, time and form
  • A different culture and way of working together
  • New opportunities for work-life integration


At the same time, this form of collaboration requires:

  • A lot of coordination on working time, place and the effective use of digital collaboration tools
  • a high degree of attention to the possibly individually very different ways of dealing with new demands
  • conscious communication and shaping of personal relationships 


With this interactive team workshop, you will develop an awareness as a team of the opportunities and challenges that lie for you in hybrid collaboration. Together you develop approaches for sustainable team success. 

Note: This seminar is aimed exlusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.

Learning goals

After the workshop you’ll have achieved the following:

  • everyone was able to reflect on themselves and their collaboration in the “new normal” and become aware of their own and the team’s development needs
  • you have jointly identified possibilities for further development of your cooperation in the hybrid work environment and defined concrete measures
  • you know methods that help you to “keep up” with conscious team development

Topics and content

  • Assessment and analysis of your “hybrid readiness” in the team
  • Individual and collective reflection on how you deal with the dimensions of hybrid cooperation
  • Getting to know and applying tools and methods for the further development of hybrid cooperation
  • Transfer with the “Hybrid Team Canvas” into your everyday working life

Training methods

This workshop is characterised by a moderated team dialogue. Central tools used are the “Learning Experience Map” and the “Hybrid Team Canvas”. We work (in the virtual standard set-up) on the digital whiteboard Miro. 

If you wish, we can come to your premises or to an external location.

The workshop lasts 3 hours. After about eight weeks, we recommend a one-hour follow-up session. This also takes place virtually as standard, but can also be facilitated on site at the TX Group premises or externally if desired.

Target group

All teams that want to successfully shape their collaboration in hybrid working mode can register.


We adapt to your scheduling possibilities. It’s best to discuss in advance with your team whether you would like to hold the workshop virtually or on site and in which language (German, English, French). 

Then simply contact us at mission.x@tx.group and let us know: 

  • Desired date and at least one alternative date including a time slot of 3 hours.
  • Venue
  • Language
  • Number of team members


  • There are no costs for facilitation and workshop materials.
  • If you would like to hold the workshop internally / externally, room and catering costs will be charged to your cost centre. 
  • If you wish, we will be happy to organise the location for you; however, this will be charged on an hourly basis as part of our partnering services

Further questions

If you have any further questions, the MissionX team is happy to help: mission.x@tx.group

Note: This seminar is aimed exlusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.

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