tx.group hackdays 2020

tx.group hackdays 2020

tx.group hackdays 2020

About this course

It’s like an itch. You’re busy all day. Deadlines. Meetings. Releases. Bug fixes. But that itch won’t go away. An idea. A thing you have to try. It keeps bugging you. But there’s never enough time… until now.


it turns out the best way to do it is to implement it — Paul Graham, Hackers and Painters

2019 was the year of the first ever hackdays and had some great projects and people. See for yourself…

Thomas Gresch, Group CTO, explains the concept in more detail…


In the Kiwilodge in Parpan, Switzerland. In the mountains. With Internet. With food and places to sleep. Just 2 hours by train from Zürich


Thursday 12th November & Friday 13th November ( plus optionally Sat 14th November for hiking or possible skiing )…

  • Thursday, 12th November 2020, arriving at the lodge by 11am
  • Friday, 13th November 2020, event finished by 5pm
  • Saturday, 14th November 2020 – optional day for hiking or skiing (if snow)


Developers, developers, developers. We got space for up to 70…


Corporate environments like “managing risk”. Which means the typical response to new ideas is “Das Problem ist…” … this is your chance to create something new.

How to get there?

This is the location: https://goo.gl/maps/gtUqppdxyHVREYhD6

From Zürich HB it’s just 2 hours journey by train with one change in Chur to a Post Bus.

If you’re joining at Zürich HB, we meet at 8:15 by the clock / meeting point in the main building.

Route to Kiwilodge

Timetable to Kiwilodge


  • Tamedia / tx.group covers the lodge, food etc.
  • You need to cover your own travel expenses (flight, rail etc.)
  • Day 3 (9th April) is ski-day – if you’re joining please clear that with your company / take holiday if needed.