Engineering Leadership Program

Engineering Leadership Program

TX Engineering Leadership Program

About this course

Are you an engineering manager or leader and struggling to find training that’s actually relevant to your job? Are you soon to be stepping into a new role in engineering management? This is the program for you. By engineers for engineers.


TX Engineering Leadership course is a multi-week program where the most experienced CTOs and engineering managers within TX help ‘level up’ the next generation of engineering leads.

A promoted engineer is either the greatest or the worst leader and manager of other engineers… there’s no middle ground. Let’s aim for the greatest…

The main goals of the program are…

  • to build up reflection skills and a mindset that works for engineering managers
  • to give engineering leads tools and methods to lead people and do a better job
  • build a peer-network (community) for engineering managers across TX group


Assisting Florian Conradi, in his role as program moderator, will be Hal Taylor and Harry Fuecks, along with experienced guests from across the group.

What we’ll cover

Each event in the program will cover a different topic in a Q&A and self exercise format. We’ll adapt the program to suit participants but the current draft of topics includes…

  • Time and Energy Management: to manage others, you need to be effective at managing yourself
  • Trust: why this non-quantifiable element is your most important asset and how to build it
  • Delegation: the art of sharing responsibilities and letting others grow
  • Feedback: how to give effective positive and negative feedback
  • Teamwork: how to build successful teams that have impact
  • Motivation & Empathy: easy to forget in a world of Slack, pull requests and tickets… what drives us as humans and how seeing a broader context and help understand behaviour

…and more topics we’ll adapt depending on the needs of attendees.


This is not a typical course – this is a program. That means…

  • We’ll be meeting every 3-4 weeks to discuss each topic in depth
  • Each session is interactive… we all participate actively. There’s no “right or wrong answers”… we all share our experience, and help each other grow
  • One iteration of the program will last around 6 months
  • We’ll have “veterans” joining sessions to help us with their experience on the topic at hand
  • There will be some homework… videos and reading material to consume before each session so we arrive “warm”
  • A key point is your commitment. Attendees should be aiming to attend all sessions and form a support network for each other. Please don’t apply if you’re not able to make that commitment

Target Audience

This program is for those getting started on a engineering management career or those already some years into that career, looking for fresh perspectives.


Sessions will take an afternoon, every 3-4 weeks over a period of six months. We’ll aim to schedule them upfront so you have time to adjust your schedules.


Starting mid March 2021. Exact dates TBA and will be discussed with the participants upfront to best fit your calendar, e.g. every 3rd Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon – whatever works best for the group.


Zürich and remote depending on COVID situation – details TBA




We’re full for now! We’re going to run the program again in future – look out for updates…