Effective On-Call Support at Ricardo

Effective On-Call Support at Ricardo


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We all strive for 99.999% uptime, but what happens when the 0.001% occurs, on a Friday night where no-one is around? Jérémy Callès, Head of Operations at Ricardo – where downtime directly affects revenue – talks about what they learned re-engineering their on-call processes to reduce costs and frustrations while increasing uptime.


On-call support at Ricardo had for many years been expensive and a source of frustration for all involved, requiring 4 system-experts to be available at all times to maintain uptime.

Over the past year Ricardo has re-engineered its systems and processes so that guaranteed uptime now requires mostly a single engineer, from any part of the company, with clear escalation procedures as needed, thereby reducing costs and frustration for key engineers as well as providing a better guarantee of uptime.

In this two-hour seminar, Jérémy Callès, will describe how they re-engineered their systems and on-call process then open up the discussion for Q&A. Followed by beers!

Target Audience

Managers, engineers and technical staff involved in Operations and Support


Two hours

Course Date

Wednesday 29th January, 2020 from 3pm to 5pm


Tamedia building, Werdstrasse 21, Zürich, room Bellevue*

* it’s a tricky room to find… leave early and ask for directions if you’re unsure


CHF 75 ( to cover Jérémy’s travel expenses from France )

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