Dirty Dishes for Beginners

Dirty Dishes for Beginners


About this course

Did you have to eat lunch with your fingers today? Is your coffee cup full of mould? Did you walk into your office kitchen and think “What the fork?!?”. This is the course for you…


Dealing with dirty dishes is one of the hard problems we face in this modern digitised world, where we compete with the likes of Google and Facebook. A recent BFS study showed that a leading cause of businesses failing is the state of their office kitchen. Some of the reasons for that such failure include;

  • time wasted searching for a clean spoon causing massive productivity loss
  • increased cases of staff absence through food poisoning
  • emotional dysfunction of those few staff that do actually clean up


Here at Tamedia we take this seriously. That’s why we’re launching this TX Academy course.

What You’ll Learn

Taking this course will teach you about…

  • The Dirty Dishes Workflow…

  • How to have beautiful skin and do the dishes
  • Calming down a colleague who’s upset about the state of the kitchen
  • And much much more!


And if you like this course, you’ll be excited to learn about some of our upcoming courses, like Deep Dive into Changing the Toilet Roll and How to Have Loud Conversations where People are Working.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for people that think someone else will take care of it. We also have a “Friends and Family” offer for those people with an annoying partner that won’t clean up.


Every day. Forever.


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