Convincing presentations (English)

Convincing presentations (English)


About this course


Do you have to give a speech or presentation soon? Are you nervous? What do people want to hear? How can I sharpen the content of my speech so that my audience shows real interest? Do I believe what I am saying?

Many of us regularly have to present something to clients or colleagues. In this workshop we will discover how to present an idea in a captivating and convincing way. We will train body language and develop a fresh, authentic presence. In my training you will discover the power of your voice and possibilities of body language to support your message. I coach participants to really get to the heart of what they want to say in their speeches for clients or employees.

The course has 2 parts. The first part is a full day group training. We train body language, tell exciting stories and present in front of the group in a fun and solution-oriented way. In the following days, each person gets 1 ½ hours of individual coaching to adapt to individual needs. I help structure and present presentations in an attractive and innovative way. You will be given a guide of exercises with which you can sustainably improve your soft skills.

Note: This seminar is aimed exlusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.

Learning Goals

In this course I discover:

  • how I sell an idea to the board.
  • how I convince a customer.
  • how my body can help me.
  • what to learn from TED TALK.
  • how I can say EVERYTHING in a 60 second pitch.
  • how I involve others in processes.
  • how I get rid of stage fright.
  • how I present bad news.
  • how I tell good news.
  • how I keep the fire burning.
  • how I keep my enthusiasm fresh in everyday life.

Training Methods

There is a renaissance of speech – the TED TALK and influencers. Speech is more attractive than ever. We use their success strategies, but we also use speech and acting techniques from the theater.

We simulate performances in offices or on big stages and I will give you constructive feedback. In a protected space you can learn a lot about yourself and we discover hidden talents.

We celebrate your individual uniqueness and thus strengthen your public personality. No one wants to see yet another remote-controlled or “samey” public speaker.

Target Group

All employees we should hear more from.


  • Duration: 1 day training plus 1.5 h 1:1 coaching
  • Number of participants: min. 6, max. 12 participants
  • Location: Zürich
  • Dates:
    • Monday, 3rd of October 2022, 1 day group training, plus
    • 4-6 October 2022, 1.5 h: 1:1 coaching, to be arranged individually
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  • Costs for this seminar are covered by contributions from the companies.
  • Further costs (travel costs, etc.) may be charged to your account in accordance with the applicable expense regulations.

Deregistration/no participation

  • Please note that your registration is binding, even if the course is conducted virtually.
  • If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the seminar or if you do not participate for more than half a day, your cost centre will automatically be charged CHF 500 per seminar day (CHF 250 per half day) without further inquiry.
  • No charge will be made if a medical certificate is available. This must be sent to People and Organizational Development within 2 weeks without being asked.


Felix Ritter ( Speaker, coach and trainer, e.g. for our speakers at TX Conference

Further questions

If you have any further questions, the MissionX team is happy to help:

Note: This seminar is aimed exlusively at the employees of the TX Group. External registrations will not be considered.


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