Building Customer Centric Experiences

Building Customer Centric Experiences


About this course

You have a lot of feedback and data from your users, but how do you turn that into real insights that will help shape the customer experience? This course will show you how.


In this hands-on workshop Alexandra Lung, Senior PM at Pivotal, will focus on how to get in-depth knowledge of the user and his problems without falling for biases.

She will present a toolbox of five super-powers that helps gather user insights, navigate through different types of user information and synthesize the learnings effectively, so that you can prioritize the main user problems to tackle.

Alexandra will provide an overview of the steps to take and the data to gather in order to go from problem to vision and to execution into creating a successful product.

What You’ll Learn

In this course you will learn

• how to ask the right questions during the exploratory phase
• how to manage the multitude of user information and how to synthesize learnings in a collaborative way
• how to prioritize the problems to solve first

Target Audience

This course is for you if you’re working on product development and UX, but also for people working in customer care, strategy, communication, marketing or HR. The course is suitable for anyone interested in building customer-centric solutions and in improving their research skills.


Delayed until further notice


1 day


Zürich – exact location TBA


CHF 400


Registration suspended for now